Terms and Conditions of Mainstream Fleet Limited T/A I Can Hire & C&S Motor Group

From the 14th September 2013. It is advisable to print this document off for future reference:

We (the lessor) are in business of renting out vehicles and we hope that, you (the hirer), as with the majority of our clients, will treat the vehicle with respect and do not misuse it or break the law with it. We want you to have an uneventful satisfactory and pleasant hire with us.

Our conditions are the same as or similar to those imposed by other car and van hire companies, however, we prefer, for the elimination of doubt, to outline and explain the our Terms and Conditions of rental and the circumstances under which additional costs may be incurred by you, the hirer. Please take your time to read them.

In order to hire a vehicle you must have been approved by our insurance company and have received a PIN number and Driver ID.

Allowing anyone to drive who has not been notified to us as an additional driver and approved by us after the DVLA check is, not only a breach of our contract, but will render you the hirer liable to prosecution. It is also a criminal offence and you the hirer will be fully responsible for all and any charges or direct related charges that may arise through the use of our vehicle while on hire to you by an unauthorised driver.

Driving Licence

Drivers must be aged between 23 and 75 years of age and be in possession of a full, valid, British driving licence held for at least two years year.

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that he / she has the appropriate driving licence. If you have any endorsements please check the endorsement conditions on the FAQ page. No refunds will be given where rentals are rejected due to the non-disclosure/ production of a driving licence or non-disclosed endorsements.

Travel outside of the UK is NOT ALLOWED.

Where vehicles are taken out of this country without our written permission you will NOT BE INSURED and you and or the driver will be in breach of the law both in the UK and the countries you visit. Any penalties and recovery costs will be your responsibility and any costs we incur will be your responsibility and payable by you and will be recovered from you through the Courts if necessary if you fail to pay us.

If the vehicle is impounded for whatever reason you will be responsible for payment of all charges to obtain the release of the vehicle. In the event that a member of our staff is obliged to collect the vehicle you will responsible for payment of all release fees; all transportation flight / train or ferry costs of our member / members of staff to the collection point whether or not it is in the UK (plus, if necessary any overnight accommodation and subsistence costs). A charge of £50+vat per hour will be charged to you for the duration of each of our employee's commitment to the collection. In addition you will be responsible for the rental of the vehicle at the prevailing daily rate until such time that the vehicle is made available again for hire.

If a recovery vehicle has to be used for whatever reason to recover our vehicle you will also have to pay an additional rate of £25.00 per hour plus vat for the use of the vehicle in addition to the hourly rate of £50.00 plus vat for our staff member to collect the vehicle.


Our vehicles are equipped with fuel level monitoring equipment. You will be sent a message at the start of the booking with the level of the fuel tank. Please ensure you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel to avoid replenishing costs which are £2.00 per litre.

Excluded Costs

Additional driver requirements should be notified and paid for at the time of booking. Please note that anyone who has not been declared as an additional driver but is found to be driving the vehicle is not insured. This cannot be arranged retrospectively.

Our insurance does not provide personal accident cover for you or your passengers other than under the third party road risks cover.

Our insurance does not cover loss or theft of your personal belongings or any other contents from the vehicle.

The vehicle is rented to you in a clean condition. On its return it is a condition that the vehicle is clear of substantial debris (any amount in excess of that which will fit one single domestic bin bag). An additional charge of £35+vat plus and any environmental disposal charges will be levied on you along with any lost daily hire costs.

Any additional cleaning of upholstery or carpets beyond vacuum cleaning will be charged in the same way as body damage and the rental charges on the vehicle will continue until such time that the upholstery is replaced or cleansed / dried and fit for rental again.

Where an animal has been carried without upholstery and carpets being properly protected by you, an additional charge of £50+vat will be levied to cover additional cleaning and sanitizing along with any daily lost hire at the daily hire rate.

Where upholstery and / or carpets are stained and these stains cannot be removed you will not withstanding the payment of any CDW, be responsible for the cost of replacement. You will also remain responsible for the payment of rental charges until such time that the replacement / repair have been completed.


There are restrictions imposed by our insurer, which mean that we are unfortunately unable to hire to persons in certain occupational areas. These include couriers, professional entertainers, any theatre personnel, professional sports persons, publicans, nightclub owners, owners of gaming establishments, members of the foreign military and students.


We do not take a deposit. All clients must provide a valid UK credit, switch or debit card in the name of the hirer prior to collection of the vehicle in case of an incident wherein you give authorisation that the excess or any other charges become due from you the hirer can be deducted from the card you have provided. Cash or Cheque deposits are not accepted.

Insurance Excess

For standard vehicles, the insurance excess is a minimum £750.00. This excess is not taken in the form of a deposit, we will simply use the credit / debit or switch card that you used to pay for the hire of the vehicle and that you give authorisation that, in the unlikely event of a collision or accident, we may charge your card for the appropriate amount.

A payment (hereinafter referred to the CDW) can be made to cap your liability at £150. Not with-standing this payment, you will remain responsible for paying the full daily rental charges until such time as the vehicle is either repaired or deemed a write off or is considered to be beyond economical repair. This process can take up to at a minimum of 25 days.

Not with-standing the payment of the CDW, in the event of the vehicle being damaged whilst on hire to you, you are responsible for paying the rental for the vehicle until it is repaired plus any administration charges of £50.00+vat per hour. Payment for reduction of the insurance excess does not relieve you of this responsibility.

Notwithstanding the purchase of the CDW, you are liable for all costs incurred for loss or damage to the vehicle, its accessories, Third Party vehicle(s) and property when :

  • The vehicle was being reversed unattended (i.e.a qualified banksman) and or reversed carelessly.
  • The impact occurred above 4 feet 6 inches (1.3716 Metres) in height or above the height of the windscreen whichever is appropriate to the vehicle you have hired.
  • The vehicle has been overloaded or the load has not been properly secured.
  • The vehicle had been used off road.
  • Damage is occasioned to the lessor vehicle due to poor or bad parking by the hirer. (ie on a corner or not in accordance with the highway code or Road Traffic Acts or as the case may be.

You are liable in full for damage to tyres, wheels, aerials, glass and the interior of the vehicle. In the case of wheels and tyres you are responsible for the cost of calling out the breakdown / tyre service and paying the full cost for those services at the time of the breakdown.

You are liable in full where loss or damage occurs where the lessor believes the hirer caused the loss and or damage due to negligence or carelessness by the hirer or the hirers nominated driver / s. Or the vehicle had been taken off the public highway by the hirer or the hirers nominated driver / s.

You are responsible for the repair of any damage (including punctures) to wheels and tyres. If the wheel and/or tyre cannot be repaired you are responsible for the replacement.

Not withstanding the payment of the CDW the hirer shall be responsible for all the costs for damage caused to the property or vehicles belonging to the hirer, driver or the immediate family of either the driver or the hirer.

Not withstanding the payment of any CDW you will be responsible for all and any costs resulting from the loss of or damage to keys or locks. LOCK THE VEHICLE AND DO NOT LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE VEHICLE OR DOORS WHEN YOU LEAVE THE VEHICLE UNATTENDED UNLESS USING THE KEY SAFE AT THE END OF YOUR HIRE.

Provision of vehicles

The lessor retains absolute discretion to whom they wish to hire vehicles to. The lessor may refuse to provide a vehicle to any customer / party who is, in our opinion, unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. The Lessor retains the absolute right to terminate the hire early in the event of information being received of the vehicle being misused or being put at risk in any way.

Number of passengers

Our vehicles are insured for the maximum number of passengers as laid down by the manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the hirer to satisfy themselves that the vehicle they have booked meets their requirements. Any specifications described on this website are in general terms and different models may have differing capacities and capabilities.

Vehicle type / suitability

Every effort is made to ensure that you receive precisely the vehicle model you have booked however, due to the nature of this business we must state that”I can hire “is unable to guarantee a particular make or model of van or car. The car / van model booked is for guidance only and we may substitute for alternative similar vehicle or upgrade (at no extra cost to you) at our discretion.

It is the hirer's responsibility to operate the vehicle safely and in accordance with legislation and protect the vehicle from any adverse weather conditions such as ice / frost..

The Hirer accepts that the lessor has no responsibility for training the Hirer in any aspect of the vehicle's operation

Should you be dissatisfied with the vehicle you must advise us in writing within 30 days of your return. The company will not accept liability if this procedure is not followed.

Pre-rental inspection and inspection on return

When you collect your vehicle you should inspect it for any damage that is not already listed on the Vehicle Condition Report which is to be found in the glove box. If there is additional damage, this should be reported immediately by phone. You must report this damage BEFORE YOU MOVE THE VEHICLE. It is always best to avoid later accusations of damage to take some photo images of the damage on the vehicle showing the registration number of the van.

These images can be sent by e-mail to fleet@csmotorgroup.com. PLEASE QUOTE YOUR HIRE CONTRACT NUMBER NAME AND REGISTRATION NUMBER.

When you return and park the vehicle please ensure it is parked legally and conforms to any local bylaws and road traffic regulation which we are sure you are aware of. If you fail to do this you will be responsible for any infringements or damage that is sustained through parking badly. I.e. On a corner.

Extension of the rental period

Extension of the rental period is solely at the discretion of the Lessor.

The hirer undertakes to return the vehicle to the original collection point of the Lessor vehicle by the time shown on the rental agreement text / e-mail sent to the hirer with the confirmation of hire unless an extension has been agreed by the hirer in writing, in advance.

If the vehicle is not returned by the agreed date and time the hirer shall pay to the Lessor a charge equal to 30% of the daily rate for each hour that the vehicle is overdue for return. In addition, the hirer agrees to pay such rental costs as are incurred by the Lessor where in order to fulfil a commitment to another reservation the Lessor has been obliged to hire in another vehicle. Such costs will be met by the hirer for the duration of such a contract.

In addition, the hirer shall pay to the Lessor a sum equivalent to the rentals that the Lessor would have received (less insurance charges) in respect of the reservation that the hirer’s overdue return disrupted.

Mechanical difficulties / collisions / accidents

Any mechanical problems or accident involving our vehicle must be notified to us immediately. We have a 24 hour control room to facilitate this reporting on 0208 819 5203. Please wait until the phone is answered as you might due to call volumes have to wait a period of time to be spoken to. THIS LINE IS FOR REPORTING BREAKDOWNS AND COLLISIONS ONLY. NOTHING ELSE.

It is the hirer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the correct fuel is put into the tank of the vehicle. (ALL OF OUR TRANSIT VANS ARE DERV / DIESEL) In the event of the wrong fuel being added, it is the hirer’s responsibility to pay for the draining, recovery, mechanical work, damage rectification and any other costs incurred due to the introduction of the wrong type of fuel. The hirer shall continue to pay for the rental of the vehicle, at the daily tariff rate, until such time that the vehicle is roadworthy again.


In the event of dispute regarding the wrong fuel having been introduced we will submit the fuel for analysis and the costs of that analysis shall be your responsibility.

In the event of a collision or accident it is the driver’s responsibility to comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic legislation. Collisions / Accidents must be reported to the Police and a signed Police report obtained. Full details of third parties must be obtained.


Failure to obtain information of third parties, their vehicle and number of passengers or any delay on your part that causes delay in the administration of the collision / accident may result in our insurance company disclaiming liability. In such an event all costs will become your responsibility.

The hirer will assist the lessor and or their insurers in dealing with any claim related to the hirer and that the hirer will assist in every respect which could include attending court to give evidence. Failure to assist the lessor and or their insurers will result in the hirer being responsible for all costs and charges relating to the incident that the hirer was involved or allegedly involved..

In the event of a collision / accident, no matter what the circumstances, we are not responsible for providing a vehicle in substitution for a vehicle rendered un-roadworthy through a collision or accident.

All and any damage caused to the lessor vehicle will be repaired ONLY by the lessor or a garage on the approved repairer list of the lessor and which conform and are registered PAS 43 or ISO 9002. You are not allowed to have any repairs or give permission to any garage or third party to carry out any repairs whatsoever to our vehicle.

Congestion charging / Parking and infringement charges

Any vehicle movement into, out of or within the marked charging zone ("CCZ") between 07:00hrs and 18:30hrs (Monday to Friday), is chargeable at the rate of £10 per day. Only one payment per vehicle, per day is required, once the first payment is made, any number of journeys may be made that day into, out of or within the CCZ, by that vehicle. The payment of £10 must be made by 22:00hrs on the day the movement was made; otherwise the charge rises to £12. If that is not paid before midnight, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued in the sum of £130 (discounted to £65 if paid within 14 days). If the charge is not paid within 28 days, the charge rises to £195. Further details may be obtained from Transport for London's website: www.cclondon.com.

You are responsible for all parking charges and the observance of all road traffic legislation. In the event that we, as the vehicle’s owner, receive a fixed penalty charge notice, WHERE THAT NOTICE ALLOWS, we will advise the relevant authority of the hirer’s details. It is the hirer’s sole responsibility to challenge the legitimacy of the ticket. We will levy an administration charge of £35 +vat which you authorise us to debit against the credit / debit / switch card used for the original rental.

Where we receive notice of a road traffic offence where we as vehicle owner are responsible for payment of the penalty, this will be paid and this charge together with an administration charge of £35 +vat will be charged to the credit / debit / switch card used for the original rental.

Pricing fluctuations

Rental charges may be subject to seasonal changes. All confirmed reservations made prior to any price changes will be honoured. Where a quotation has been given but a confirmed booking has not been made such a booking will be made at the seasonal rate prevailing at the time of booking confirmation.


All payments must be made by a UK credit, switch or debit card ONLY.

General conditions

All bookings by our clients are subject to our terms and conditions and those on this website. No other terms, conditions and warranties, expressed or implied by law, custom and course of dealing shall form part of any contract between the Lessor and hirer except for those terms implied by law whose application is mandatory. The client acknowledges that in making a booking with the Lessor it does so only on the basis of the material contained in this document. All other statements or representations made by the Lessor, its employees, or agents are of no effect unless confirmed by us to the client in writing. You should satisfy yourself that you understand and agree to its terms and conditions as you will be subject to, and must comply with these terms.

The hirer agrees that the Lessor may charge the credit / debit or switch card used to hire the vehicle as a deposit or for payment to meet any additional charges whatsoever or howsoever incurred by the hirer.(ie Collection and re-delivery for collision repairs). Such charging may-be undertaken by the Lessor without further recourse to the hirer.

VAT will always be charged at the prevailing rate. Any bookings made prior to any change in rate will be charged at the rate prevailing at the date that the rental period commences.