How it works is the fresh new way to rent cars and vans. We have devised a secure system that is incredibly simple to use. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Make a Booking

Use the form on the right to get started. You'll then be able to pick a local vehicle and see exactly how much it will cost for the period you want it. Then enter your name, email address and mobile telephone number and we'll call you right back. Make sure you have your driving license to hand!

Step 2: The DVLA Check

We'll go through some security questions with you and then contact the DVLA on your behalf to check your license details and make sure you are okay to drive. The whole process takes about 5 minutes and we only need to do this once. All future bookings can be made online without ever talking to us. Our system will then send you a confirmation email and text along with your PIN number.

Step 3: Turn Up and Drive Away

When you're ready to collect the vehicle, you go to the location and dial an automated system from your mobile phone. You'll be asked for your PIN number. The vehicle will then unlock and you'll be able to get the keys and drive away.

Step 4: Return, Lock and Go!

When you're finished, simply return the vehicle to where you collected it. Then dial the automated system, enter your PIN, the vehicle will lock and you're free to go!

The system is easy to use and our prices are low. Many people use our vehicles regularly as if they were their own!