We believe that car sharing is a realistic alternative to owning a car. Maybe not your primary car, but certainly the 2nd or 3rd in your household. Our patented technology enables cars and vans to be rented using just your mobile phone. And with vehicles parked a couple of minutes walk from your home, it’s a simple and convenient way to use a car, without actually owning it.

Joining is simple. There are no membership fees or mileage charges and our unique loyalty points scheme means that the more you drive, the more you save. We currently have 160 locations in London and we’re rolling out cars and vans of all shapes and sizes across the UK.

We’re also BIG advocates of electric cars. Indeed, we believe that a high proportion of households in major cities can change their lifestyle by owning an electric car, supplemented by car club membership. We’re even offering one or two week trial deals on electric cars so that you can see if its right for you before taking the plunge.

For most households in the capital, you’d be surprised how easily car club membership and electric vehicles can slot into your lifestyle, saving you money and giving you a warm green glow.